About Us

St. Mary's parish is situated in industrial area between the Lunga Lunga Road; Enterprise Road; Airport North Road; Mombasa Road. There are a number of slums within the parish: Mukuru kwa Lunga-Lunga; Mukuru kwa Sinai; Mukuru kwa Reuben; Mukuru kwa Njenga and Mukuru North. There are also a number of estates for middle class people and flats for more modest people. The slums in these area provide most of the workers in this part of the Industrial area.

Parish Outstations

  • St. Jude catholic church at Mukuru kwa Reuben

  • St. Bakhita catholic church at Mukuru kwa Njenga

  • St. Joseph catholic church at Mukuru kwa Sinai

  • St. Monica catholic church at Mukuru Lunga-Lunga

  • Holy spirit catholic church at Mukuru kwa njenga

Parish Executive Committee

  • Parish Priests

  • Chairperson

  • Vice Chairperson

  • Secretary

  • Vice Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Co-opted member